How it works

NurseMentor is an online mentoring program for undergraduate nursing students and nursing alumni at the University of Calgary.

Each student participant is matched with a registered nurse mentor who is an alumnus of the Faculty of Nursing. The two connect online and in person as desired throughout the academic year.

By chatting with their mentor through a secure site, nursing students can learn about the wealth of careers and opportunities within nursing, receive career guidance and life advice from someone who has ‘been there’ and gain confidence in their new role as a future registered nurse (RN).

The mentors — inspiring nurses in diverse careers within the profession — enjoy the experience of being a role model and inspiring the upcoming generation of nurses.


The mission of NurseMentor is to foster the career development of undergraduate nursing students at the University of Calgary and provide an opportunity for alumni to share their accumulated wisdom with student nurses. 

The program achieves this mission via two goals:

  1. Broadening students’ knowledge of career pathways, opportunities and options within nursing in an environment of mutual learning and support.

  2. Facilitating ongoing mentoring relationships between nursing alumni and current students.​


Matching & Participation

Each student is carefully matched with a mentor based on career aspirations, personal interests and desired outcomes of the mentoring relationship. As well as bringing their own experiences to the conversation, mentors are provided with resources to help facilitate discussions with their mentee.

Any nursing student at the University of Calgary can participate — all they need is access to the internet once a week during the academic year and a willingness to commit to a relationship with a nurse mentor. Students and nurses will usually be matched within four weeks of joining NurseMentor if a compatible match is available. Registration is open from August to December.

This program provides a safe, secure online environment for communication.