Become a Mentor

Are you an alumnus from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary? Are you a registered nurse? Do you have a passion for helping the next generation of nurses? Have your years of experience given you valuable knowledge that would inspire? Have you lived and worked in diverse practice settings across Alberta, Canada and the world?  

Your role as a mentor will be different from a preceptor, a tutor, an instructor or a counselor. You will engage with your mentee to provide an environment of mutual trust, openness and respect, where mentees are free to ask questions and explore ideas. Mentors provide encouragement, support and constructive comments that contribute to their professional growth.


Time commitment and resources

As a mentor, you commit to mentoring a current nursing student from September to April. This typically involves a time commitment of two to three hours per month. We will provide you with online training materials and suggestions for topics to discuss with the mentee you’re matched with.

You and your mentee will exchange regular messages through our secure website, using your computer. Mentors share personal experiences, ask questions and engage in a little small talk to build the relationship and then guide the discussion based on the interests of your match within nursing. Mentors provide guidance, support and a window into nursing in the real world — all of which has enormous value for mentees.


Share your passion and wisdom

Experienced nurses have so much to give back to the profession. Many alumni report that they derive immense personal and professional satisfaction from providing support and advice to nursing students.

It is an opportunity to share your passion and wisdom with someone just entering the profession and to help them learn and grow as they face the challenges that accompany the transition from nursing student to registered nurse.

For many nursing alumni, it offers an opportunity to reconnect with the Faculty of Nursing and learn more about current initiatives. Mentors are also able to develop and enhance skills in leadership, teaching and communication.