Become a Mentee

What specialty in nursing would suit me best? What does the typical day of an emergency nurse look like? Is it possible to balance shift work with having a family? What can I do with a PhD in nursing? These are some of the many questions you might ask yourself as a student nurse.

NurseMentor matches nursing students of the University of Calgary with an online RN mentor. A mentor is different from a preceptor, a tutor, an instructor or a counselor. Your mentor will engage with you to provide an environment of mutual trust, openness and respect. As a mentee, you should feel comfortable asking questions and exploring ideas. Mentors provide encouragement, support and constructive comments that contribute to your professional growth.


Time Commitment and Resources

As a mentee, you commit to being mentored by a registered nurse from September to April. This typically involves a time commitment of two to three hours per month.  We will provide you with guidelines for participation and the types of questions you might ask your mentor to get the conversation started.

Mentees drive the mentorship relationship. Therefore, we ask student mentees to make the first contact with their mentor once they are matched, and then to lead the conversation afterward.

You and your mentor will exchange regular messages through our secure website. Mentees ask questions, share personal experiences and challenges in practice and help guide the discussion based on their interests and their mentor’s experiences within nursing.


Mentorship broadens your professional network

For students, mentorship provides a broad-based orientation into the profession of nursing and access to an expanded professional network into which student nurses may gain insight. 

It also provides an avenue for students to interact with nurses other than those who are directly responsible for evaluating them or providing feedback on their practice (such as preceptors and instructors).

Many students are still exploring opportunities, interests and career trajectories within the profession. Mentorship provides an opportunity to network with nurses with diverse experiences, interests and skillsets.